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Our Mission

An initiative of the Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation, Dance Hope Cure combines the art of dance with childhood cancer awareness and research funding.

Our mission is to fund less toxic therapies for children with cancer so they can have a better quality of life as they battle the disease and to give families hope by bridging the funding gap and making available potentially life-saving clinical trials that would otherwise not be available.  

Through its many programs, Arms Wide Open / Dance Hope Cure also helps families throughout the United States both financially and emotionally who are suffering hardship due to their child’s diagnosis of cancer, providing them with support during the most difficult time of their lives. Arms Wide Open supports families from diagnosis to sadly, sometimes their child’s death, and beyond.  

Through our Emmy-Award winning documentaries and awareness campaign, The Truth 365, we are committed to educating the general public on the truth about childhood cancer, raising awareness on a global level, uniting the childhood cancer community, starting a movement through CureFest, and giving children with cancer a voice so that they will see change in their lifetime.

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Dance Hope Cure is an initiative of the Arms Wide Open
Childhood Cancer Foundation


AWOCCF funds safer and less-toxic therapies. Photo of 2x childhood cancer survivor Billy Sherwood and his sister Sydney

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Childhood cancer survivor Ava Blaser and her sister Emma  perform at CureFest. Ava and Emma are two of our national spokespersons.

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